Synergy Tower – the next generation green building
Synergy Tower has open its office spaces for the national and international companies located in Sofia, Bulgaria. is a multifunctional business office building situated in Sofia Tech Park with TBA of approx. 50 761 sq.m. and offer open space offices and a commercial premise with stores, restaurants, a recreation area and a dedicated parking space.

Synergy Tower is a sustainable next-generation green building that meets the latest technological and architectural trends and follows all LEED certification requirements. Its innovative facade and fully integrated technical systems result in remarkably low energy costs and an outstanding sense of light and comfort. Synergy Tower offers plenty of social and sport amenities that boosts productivity and please all employees and visitors.

According to the regulations of Sofia Tech Park, no less than 30% of the tenants have to be engaged in exploratory activity. Stepping on the limitless science and technological opportunities of the location, each company that chooses Synergy Tower will take advantage of high potential environment with the innovative neighboring companies in the area.


• 11% less Water consumption

• 19% less Maintenance costs

• 25% less Energy consumption

• 34% less Greenhouse gases

• 27% more Occupant satisfaction

The certification process follows the whole life cycle of the building: from design and construction, operation and maintenance, to modernization and reconstruction, and covers indicators in six categories: site selection, materials and resources, energy and atmosphere, water use efficiency, indoor environment quality and innovation design.

Synergy Tower is designed to be extraordinary highly energy efficient. Its dynamic shape is designed according to the latest tendencies of a new generation GREEN business building to leave a minimal footprint on the surrounding nature. Equipped with photovoltaic system on its roof, the building can produce up to 20% of renewable energy.

This is the very first tall building in Sofia that has outdoor blinds. These are controlled automatically through sensors that evaluate positioning of the sun, amount of precipitation and other factors to lower the expense of energy and provide maximum comfort for its inhabitants.

Synergy Tower is built on the territory of Sofia Tech Park – the first scientific and technological park in Bulgaria.